Best Steeping Processes and Their Results

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Best Steeping Processes and Their Results

Whether you are new to vaping or are a seasoned vaper, you must have heard of steeping and maybe even tried it for yourself. Steeping e liquid is considered to be quite complicated and controversial as vapers are often divided in its favor or against it. Before deciding which side you are on, it is recommended that you try it out for yourself. Here is a guide if you are wondering about how to choose best e liquid steeping method:

Speedy Steeping Method

This is perfect for people who don’t want to spend too much time steeping their e-juice. You can speed up the process of steeping by keeping the e-liquid in a warm place. There are several ways of doing this. In order to increase the temperature of the e-liquid, you can shake it vigorously before using it. This is by far the easiest and the most unsophisticated method. The e-liquid bottle can also be placed under a continuous stream of warm water for about five minutes to steep it speedily.

Natural Steeping Method

Naturally, you can steep your e-liquid flavor quite easily. All you need to do is make the e-juice rest in a dark and cool place. It is recommended that a temperature range of 65 to 75 degree Fahrenheit will be ideal. However, there is nothing to worry about if the temperature is a little more or little less. All you need to concentrate on is that the e-liquid is not exposed to extreme temperatures and that it is kept away from direct sunlight.

The exact duration depends on the type of e-liquid in question. For example, complex flavors like desserts might need more time than simple ones like tobacco or fruity ones. While choosing best eliquid, you can also opt for flavors that have already been steeped.

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